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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I'm a multi-hyphenate creative who enjoys variety - writing, video production, health, modeling, spirituality, acting, and singing (to name a few on the ever-growing list).

At an early age, a professional told me that I most likely would never make it to college due to a learning disability.

Against all odds, I received an AA in broadcast journalism, and a major in both Video Production and Communication Studies.

Although I thought graduating college was a significant achievement for someone on the spectrum ... I really struggled to find a full time job that fit my neurodivergent brain.

It wasn't long before I realized that years of medicating, masking, and winging it through school, just wasn't going to fly at many of these 9-5 jobs.

So here I was, bouncing from project to project, job to job, and plagued with fear and embarrassment that I wasn't measuring up to my many neurotypical peers who seemed to be thriving in their secure jobs.

While I generally loved socializing and hanging with friends, I started to isolate and become depressed. I felt that every event was filled with people asking the same question,"what do you do?"..

A seemingly simple question, paralyzed me with fear and uncertainty of my purpose.

This seemingly simple question ultimately pushed me into an existential crisis... which then, turned into the birth of Aspiring Something.

During my existential crisis I pondered big questions. What is my purpose? Why does our society value what we "do" so much? And "does 'what we do', define 'who we are?'"

I'm so grateful for my existential crisis because it led me to the realization that I am not defined but what I do, but who I am - a child of God.

I hope that Aspiring Something can comfort those who feel lost or uncertain of what their purpose is, and inspire those who are ready to unlearn and go after the true passions and desires of their heart.

I hope Aspiring Something can encourage people to break through fears, uncertainty, and adversity by hearing personal stories and reflections of mine, and others on Aspiring Something TV.

Lindsay Maxoutopoulis

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