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Common Ground

Us humans love drama.

Whether it’s the news, or a dramatic reality TV show... we’re almost wired to be addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with arguments and disagreements.

I’m so guilty of it.

In the past when I saw someone who had a different opinion than me, I would almost go out of my way to tell them my opinion (which I believed was superior).

Now I realize my ego was caught up in a self righteous loop.

There are billions of people on this planet, and I thought my way was THE way? Wow.. how ignorant of me.

The beautiful thing about our world is that it is colorful - different races, cultures, genders. And with that, there are also different experiences that lead to different beliefs.

I’m so happy to see our world becoming more accepting of different races, sexual orientation, and religions. This has come from a collective call for unity.

One area that is lacking in unity is in politics, and medical beliefs.

Many peers and friends who call for unity for other aspects of life, seem to be intolerant to others who have different opinions on politics and medical beliefs.

If we want unity, we can’t pick and choose what and when we pursue it.

Discrimination and judgment have no room in unity.

So whether your a Democrats, or Republican, or someone who seeks out acupuncture and chinese medicine, or someone who seeks out western medicine first, let’s all seek common ground and understanding and respect people’s beliefs.

We all have different life experiences that shape our realities and lead us to the choices and opinions we have.

Rigid black and white thinking has no room in unity.

Let‘s collectively seek empathy, understanding, and most of all, common ground.


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