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finding your passions within your sufferings

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

They say some of our biggest sufferings can bring about our biggest passions....

8 years ago I was studying broadcast journalism and while I enjoyed my classes and teachers, I became very depressed.

I realized that the news is entertainment paid by lobbyist. And the way they make their money is through dividing, programming, and instilling fear into us.

Being an empath, it was impossible to pursue broadcast journalism, because I absorb and internalize so much of what goes on in the world.

During these times, I turned to music, writing , acting, and other forms of art to express and heal these really heavy feelings.

One of the quotes I try to live by (yet fall short daily) is “promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate”

Lately, as I’m reminded of the news’ role in dividing humanity, ... what’s been really helping me is less consuming of news negativity, and more creating the world I wish to see through creativity, art and promoting people and brands I love.

I have big dreams for Aspiring Something & Aspiring Something Films.

I hope to create art and media that unites, heals, empowers, and brings joy.

What was once depression, is now fuel for my business to make a positive impact.

So... What are some of your biggest obstacles or sufferings?

What brings you the most pain?

If you're not sure, I challenge you to sit with the pain, hurt, anger, or depression, and see what can come from that.

Who knows, maybe your biggest dreams and aspirations, are buried underneath your darkest feelings.

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