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"Promote What You Love, Don't Bash What You Hate..."

"Promote What You Love, Don't Bash What You Hate..."

I heard this quote over a decade was circulating over Myspace.. and somehow it's stuck with me all these years.

Even though on the surface it sounds like a cute Pinterest graphic, deep down it has some real spiritual, and scientific truths.

What we put our energy and attention on grows and expands.

If that's anger and hate for someone or something, that resentment will continue to grow inside of ourselves, and spread to others.

On the other hand, if it's joy and gratitude for someone or something, that will grow as well, and spread to those around you..

One technique I've been practicing over the last few years is replacing what I hate, with it's opposite.

What angers you the most? What do you hate the most?

By hating it, we only give more power to it.

To be productive, put energy into the opposite.

Do you hate racism? Then go be a loving example of inclusion, or join a local nonprofit that helps bring together different colors and cultures of people.

Do you hate anti-vaxxers? Then use that energy to go and donate your time at a hospital, or donate money to countries who can't afford healthcare or vaccines.

Do you hate mask mandates? Then go outside in nature, or places where masks aren't required. And take a huge big breath. Laugh. Sing. Shout Joy that you have a mouth and a body that can take in oxygen.

For me, I am constantly turning the things that irk me, into things that can inspire me.

A huge thing that I absolutely hate is the lack of ethics in many industries, but specifically fashion, and food.

The toxins that they put in our food that cause and contribute to diseases, and also the way they produce and manufacture clothes which negatively impacts our beautiful Earth.

Even though somedays I find myself still getting agitated by this, I'm ultimately now inspired to spread awareness on the amazing. companies that produce slow/ sustainable fashion, or clean, organic ingredients!

So all in all...

Turn your agitations into your inspirations. Don't bash what you hate - promote what you love!!

(Easier said than done... I know I know.)


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