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lindsay maxoutopoulis


I'm a multi-hyphenate creative who believes variety is the spice of life. 

At an early age, a professional told me that I most likely would never make it to college due to a learning disability. 

Against all odds, I received an AA in broadcast journalism, and a major in both video production and communication studies. 

Although graduating college was a significant achievement for an autistic with ADHD... I really struggled to find a full time job that fit my neurodivergent brain.

It wasn't long before I realized that years of medicating, masking, and winging it through school, just wasn't going to fly at many of these 9-5 jobs. 

So here I was, bouncing from project to project, job to job, and  plagued with fear and embarrassment that I wasn't measuring up to my many neurotypical peers who seemed to be thriving in their secure jobs.

While I generally loved socializing and hanging with friends,  I started to isolate and become depressed. I felt that every event was filled with people asking the same question,"what do you do?"..